iEdgelearning Articles & Testimonials

The explanations and examples given in each module were right to the point. No unnecessary information was provided.

Vijay S, Ashok Leyland Quality - Basics
The simple and detailed explanation about each and every concept regarding manufacturing technology.

Karan Dev Saraswat, Ashok Leyland Manufacturing Engineering
Each and every chapter is vital for everyone which is working in Automobile ancillary

Mahesh Yeole, Haldex India Ltd. Quality - Basics
All the Basic of Quality was explained in a simple manner, due to which it was easy to understand

Abhishek Anil Naikuji, Keihin Fie Pvt Ltd. Quality - Basics
The content is highly relative to the practical experience

T Hariharan, Mando Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Sourcing
Over all course content was good. explanation with basic examples was very good.

Vinita Joshi, MGMs Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College. Quality - Basics
Most Valuable thing about the course module is audio visual presentations which increase the interest of learning.

Umesh Gujar, Rallis India Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
It is very good to see topics which are actually required in will be more helpful to us.

Sandip Laxman Medhane, Sandip Foundation. Quality - Basics
Examples given to explain the concept were really nice

Poonam Sainath Jadhav, Shrikrishna Global Research Institute Pvt Ltd. Quality - Basics
Very Simple Language with proper examples and immediate test

Abhay Bhor, Spicer India Ltd. Quality - Basics
Visual displays and simple English ,which is easy to understand.

Anushka Lakam, Spicer India Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Re-studying (listing) course and attending the quiz was the most enjoyable. This has made to think and understand the concept easily.

Daniel Gunti, Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Quality - Basics
Case studies, accidents happened in the industry which gives good exposure.

Venkatramanan Murali, Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Good relevant topics applicable to the current industry scenario captured. Good Work !

Ramani A P, Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Maintenance contents explained so beautiful. Learners this is very easy and very useful for our industry.

Venkatesh.R, Sundram Fasteners Ltd. Maintenance Management
This course is very valuable for me and very effective in my life._x000D_I learnt so much from this course

Ravishankar Tiwari, TACO - Composite Division. Industrial Safety-Foundation
We can complete the course with our nommal works

Tapan Chatterjee, TACO - Composite Division. Industrial Safety-Foundation
All points are so valuable in this course

Ritesh Singh, TACO - Composite Division. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Safety awareness is very vital for every individual and should be known to everyone.

Prashant Kumar, TACO - Composite Division. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Excellent module to increase safety awarness and prevent accidents, lossess and improve productivity

Vishnu Patil, TACO - Composite Division. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Covered all the concerns related to safety with very good examples, makes the person more concern about various safety aspects

Vidham Chawla, TACO Hendrickson Suspension Pvt Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
It is very useful in day to day work in our organisation. Also very useful in personal life.

Ajit Nighojkar, TACO Hendrickson Suspension Pvt Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
For me Industrial Safety was an unknown subject, After going through the Course I gained knowledge about the subject.

Kavita Kolhe, TACO Hendrickson Suspension Pvt Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
The way of explanation and quality of presentation with examples is excellent, which helps to easily understand the concepts

Jatinder Singh, TACO Supply Chain Management. Quality - Basics
The Maintenance Management e -module course gives a clear idea of the Maintenance Engineers. It enrich their knowledge.

Arindam Samanta, TATA Chemicals Limited. Maintenance Management
The knowledge shared was in simple language and will be very useful in my day to day life._x000D_I also liked Like, Unlike and Comment option on each slide to intimate the level of satisfaction achieved by the person taking the course through the immediate response. Very well done.

Ms. Farzin Writer, TATA Consultancy Serivces Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
The course was very informative and the quiz was quite challenging

Parvati Premachandran, TATA Elxsi. Industrial Safety-Foundation
All the various types of maintenance more especially predictive, proactive and tpm /autonomous

Musiige Kenneth Kedren, TATA International Ltd. Maintenance Management
This course is excellent and most valuable. Very relevant examples this can be very useful for professional as well as personal life.

Shailesh Rajput, TATA Teleservices Ltd.. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Definitely the safety aspects which we know are important but still we ignore sometimes. This training will definitely change the vision & will treat it as important as we do our daily activities.

Abhijit Kachare, TATA Toyo Radiator Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
Comprehensive coverage of all HSE parameters, Good level of user interface graphics, adequate number of activities to assimilate the knowledge.

Rajiv Kulkarni, TATA Toyo Radiator Ltd. Industrial Safety-Foundation
The course contents and way of presentation was good.

Varun Kumar Sharma, Tecumseh Products India Private Limited. Quality - Advanced
Topics covered are good and the way of teaching is interesting.

Venkata Sujan Kumar Pothuru, Tecumseh Products India Private Limited. Manufacturing Engineering
Very good Subject coverage and is very useful for Aerospace Manufacturing

Mani Rathinam Rajamani, Tata Advanced Systems Ltd, Hyderabad Manufacturing Excellence
It covers good topics and provides a platform to enhance / polish your knowledge

Anis Ahmad Quraishi, Time Technoplast Ltd., Manufacturing Excellence
These course was very useful and also interesting as some tests in between help you in learning

Amit Kumar Das, Taco Composites Division, Manufacturing Excellence
The techniques and rules which is to be applied while handling and managing the store is properly taught and covered in this module

Gagan Sunil Karwa, CMC Limited, Stores Management
Stores is related to all day to day activity for store person

Harishankar Chaturvdi, Endurance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Stores Management
My Stores process knowledge is improved

Santosh Kumar G, Sundram Fasteners Limited, Stores Management
It was a very good training process ,lots of learning about system and helped in Knowledge upgrade

Nimish Baburao Shrigiriwar, Endurance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Maintenance Management
It was designed for basic Maintenance Management level and structured in a very good way

Siddhartha Bharti, Itc Ltd., Maintenance Management
It covers entire maintenance activities of an Industry from installation to Production and also facility maintenance

Narayana Sharma, Tube Products Of India, Maintenance Management
It gives in depth knowledge of all kinds of maintenance work including operations of facilities

Kamlesh Deepak Dengale, Varroc Polymers Pvt. Ltd., Maintenance Management
Great experience, whole hearted thanks to all who contributed for making this e learning module at Taco

Gireesh Narahar Rao Nidagundi, Endurance Technologies Pvt Ltd., Manufacturing Engineering
All the units in general, it was more like a refresher course

Sairam Thiagarajan, Lucas-Tvs, Manufacturing Engineering
Basically it gave a detailed idea about how a manufacturing industry works

Gautam Ranjan, TACO Composites Division, Manufacturing Engineering
It is the most valuable course and has given me better knowledge

Amol Shrikant Dusane, Sapa Precision Tubing Pune Pvt. Ltd., Manufacturing Engineering
Logistics covers everything which helps us in day to day Logistics activities / operations / product knowledge in detail. We learnt many abbreviations and usage of the terms which we often hear but dont know how and why they are used/important in International Trade

Deepika Manikantan, Agility Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Logistics
The course is very interesting. Topics are explained in details with a simple language which helps to understand things quickly

Rutuja Ranjit Sase, Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd., Logistics
All chapters pertaining to my working environment were exactly covered and explained in a crisp way thereby helping me to understand better on concepts and enrich my knowledge

Ravikiran Soundararajan, Sundram Fasteners Limited Sez, Logistics
It is very good as its distant learning course, multiple attempts for exams, easy language, sample pictures and charts/diagrams really help to understand the topics thoroughly

Kartik Jadeja, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Logistics
Certification from TACO and Quality in presentation and contents

Jinendra Jain, CMC Ltd., Logistics
Really this course covers most of the topics required for purchasing. Also each topic is explained in detail with good examples which I feel most valuable aspect of the course

Sushil Kadu, Endurance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sourcing
Enjoyed in learning, very useful in Negotiation Skills, Std terms ,Conditions, Scheduling, and especially Quote analysis

Nandakumar C, Lucas-TVS, Sourcing
This course give practical and professional approach to the job responsible or awarded Time saving as it is a distant learning program and gives clear idea about the job functions

Kartik Jadeja, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Sourcing
It was my 1st E-Learning experience. It really helped me and i will be able to perform my workings with use of this learning

Mayur Deepak Peshwe, Yazaki Corporation, Sourcing
This was a great first time experience and am looking forward to continue this.

Mahesh Pathy, Novell Software Development Limited, Safety- 1
It helped me in gaining a thorough knowledge regarding Industrial safety which is compulsory especially for plant maintenance

Elangovan Thulasingam, Sundram Fasteners Limited, Safety- 1
Building up the topics in a sequential manner has helped a lot especially in OHASAS

Raja R, Sundaram Fasteners Limited, Safety- 1
Good graphical demonstration for understanding safety hazards

Dilip Patil, Taco Hendrickson Suspension Pvt Ltd, Safety- 1
This course gives me glimpse of knowledge required in daily life in manufacturing industry

Naveenkumar Madiwal, Carraro India Pvt. Ltd, Quality 1
This course will drive for Quality all across organization. This will enhance our Systems of all group company. Over all Software program is really appreciable

Ravindra Mahajan, Dana India, Quality 1
Pictorial explanation in each subject

Mandar Chaudhari, Escorts Ltd, Quality 1
Simplicity and clear explanation of basic concepts was a big positive

Maneesh Kumar Gupta, Sundram Fasteners Ltd, Quality 1
Received excellent cooperation and support from iEDGE Learning team and Administrator

Sanjay Mergal, Endurance Technologies Private Limited, Quality 2
Everything was so important; I deeply engrossed with them and also enjoyed doing quiz

Rakesh Kandari, Indica Industries Pvt Ltd., Quality 2
Great tool for beginners; it really helped me out

Harish N, Sundram Fasteners Ltd., Quality 2
It is industry specific. What I learned was exactly what I used during my SQA activities during plant and supplier visits

Kaustav Mohanty, Taco - Supply Chain Management., Quality 2
Covers all aspects of Product Development in a holistic and comprehensive manner.

Niral Khandhar, Nilkamal Ltd., Product Engineering
The presentation style and the ease of understanding is very good.

Sujesh Chandran, Terminal Technologies Pvt Ltd., Product Engineering
It offers help in all the areas like generating a concept, designing a process flow, to finalize a CAPA of quality claim etc

Rajib Dey, Sapa Precision Tubing Pune Pvt. Ltd., Product Engineering
My experience with E learning improves with each login making me come back often. Duration and course content is amazing

Prashant Kumar, Taco Composites Division., Product Engineering
Its very good training modules for new employees

Nandan Singh,Roop Polymers
Really giving the good information about the all problem solving tools

Santosh, Faber's
It is really great to participate & the entire study is made so easy to learn is done with the help of animations & that too with factory examples

Prasad, IPD
This course is very good for quality team & it should be a part of Induction Training for newly joined quality engineers

Santosh, TYA
I have learned lot of things, and enjoyed like a game
Anand, IPD
Pictorial examples and related terminology
Pankaj,Roop Polymers
It was a good learning experience for a fresher like me. The topics which has been covered in module are designed in such a manner that from the description and pictures, its bit easier to understand the process rather than going through hard printed copies
Premankur, GET SCM
It is very good project to improve our knowledge. Please arrange & facilitate same courses in future. Sorry for delay for completion the course.
Vitthal Zende, ASAL
All the Study material are well described & oriented for beginners
Simple and effective for understanding language
Machindra Basugade,DANA India Pvt Ltd.
Good design of course module
Sourabh Bhogale,Marathawada Auto Comp Pvt. Ltd.
It refreshing me the ideas which I work this day to day ongoing
Kailas Hiparggi,DANA India Pvt Ltd.
It will help to improve quality and sort out the problems arises in day to day work in organization
Pradip Balkrishna Shevante,Gamma Techno Plast Pvt Ltd.
Animated examples
Atul Daptardar, DANA India Pvt. Ltd.
Teaching Material is very good and helpful
Tong Wei (Jennifer) Zhang, Nanjing Tata Autocomp Systems Limited
Overall quality background is cleared good
– Rahul Naik, DANA India Pvt Ltd
An overall view of quality system relevant to day-to-day working
– Prabhesh Tripathi, Tata Toyo Radiators Ltd.
Convenient, lively and can master time by myself
–Feixia Zhang, Nanjing Tata Autocomp Systems Limited