iEdgeLearning - Our Story

In today's world of competitive scenarios, there is a need for zero tolerance when it comes to quality. Tata AutoComp Systems Limited has a vision to be the preferred destination for sourcing auto components and systems, at the same time create benchmark value for our investors. It keeps on improving its skills & processes to foster long term partnerships with suppliers by delivering on transparent contractual terms & ensuring enhancement of their processes and capabilities.

To achieve these goals, we need a qualified team. 5M is the basic need of an industry which means Man, Machine, Method, Material and Money. Although, normally material accounts for over 60% of the product cost but Man is the key to success. The ever growing pressure on performance has forced companies to invest in training their young employees.

We recruit Graduate Engineering Trainees (GETs), Diploma Engineering Trainees (DETs) and Laterals from various campuses across the country. We have often found that students who are fresh out of college or even if they have a few years of experience lack a sense of quality in them. So there is a gap between the education provided by the college and what the industry needs. Therefore, there is a need to train them. For laterals, it is critical to calibrate their skills as per industry requirements.

We took these challenges to change time of changing times in our stride, to impart training with flexibility. E-Learning was the concept in mind. But nothing is flawless. Conventional E-Learning had several challenges like it was boring, uninteresting, without supervision, difficult to retain, etc. Keeping all these challenges in mind, we came up with an unique, animated, story-based E-Learning solution. Having an experience of 18 years in the manufacturing industry, we incorporated our E-modules with a lot of practical and real life examples.