Quality Management Certifications

Learning Objective

To gain a better understanding and get sensitized on the issues and implications of workplace sexual Harassment from employees point of view


The course covers eight core concepts vital to understand this subject and the overview is mentioned below.


  • Ambit of Law
  • Who it aims to Protect
  • Who is responsible to provide safe work environment
  • Define Workplace
  • Places that are considered as workplaces
  • Identify behaviours that constitute sexual harassment
  • Focus on perception of the recipient and not the intent
  • What is sexual harassment and what is not sexual harassment
  • By whom, when, where and how a complaint should be filed
  • Consequences of filing a false and malicious complaint
  • Composition of ICC
  • Function of ICC
  • Punishments and penalties
  • Duties of the employer at workplace
  • Role of employer in providing safe working environment
  • Steps to be followed to create a respectful and safe workplace